Our Favorite Things for the Boat

Little things make a big difference in a life at sea! Here are a few products and gadgets we’ve found along the way that are taking a little of the hard edge off living aboard.

In the Staterooms

Caframo fans

With no cage around the blades, these fans appear easier to clean than the ones the boat came with. We’re replacing a couple this trip to try them out.
Oh, and don’t worry that the blades are exposed, they’re soft and the fans couldn’t hurt a baby!


Garmin InReach Mini

After our intense shakedown cruise to the Dry Tortugas, we became keenly aware of our limited ability to communicate. The Garmin InReach Mini now gives us the capability to send and receive basic messages and get weather anywhere in the world. One of the coolest things, though, is how it tracks us every 10 minutes and allows others to follow us through a link on our blog and Facebook page!
This little jewel is also an important part of our emergency preparedness, augmenting our EPIRB and PLBs in case the chips are down.

At Anchor

Mirage Eclipse from Hobie

Whether for fun or getting to shore and back, our two Mirage Eclipses have been everything we thought they’d be! We have a 12 foot board for TD and a 10.5 foot board for Barbara. If we’re going to be staying anywhere for more than an overnighter, we break them out and tie them to the transom next to the dinghy.
One nice benefit of the Eclipses is the exercise we get on them. Buns of steel! If you order them, consider also ordering the covers and grab some generic drink holders!