Great Boat Stuff!

Little things make a big difference in a life at sea! Here are a few products and gadgets we’ve found along the way that are taking a little of the hard edge off living aboard. To make this page easier to browse, the items are broken up into three categories. Below Decks is where you’ll find stuff for the galley (kitchen), staterooms (bedrooms) and heads (bathrooms); Underway is where you’ll find stuff that helps the boat move safely and successfully from place to place; and On The Hook is where you’ll find the fun stuff!

Oh, the “Get yourself” links after each entry take you to the item on where you can, of course, get yourself one. Some of ’em even give us a little kickback affiliate fee when you make a purchase! 🙂

Below Decks

comfort and convenience in our living spaces

Caframo fans

With no cage around the blades, these fans are A LOT easier to clean than the ones the boat came with. They also put out a lot more wind with less noise than the older cage models.
Instead of three settings, these newer fans only have two settings, but that seems to work fine.
Oh, and don’t worry that the blades are exposed, they’re soft foam and non-lethal (they don’t even hurt, in fact)!

Get yourself a Caframo Direct Wire 12V Cabin Fan … or two … or a few

Dyson V7 cordless handheld vacuum

The power to do the job – inside and out – yet small enough to tuck away unobtrusively on the boat. It’s not cheap, of course, but it performs and it lasts. This baby will suck up anything! It’s also been resistant to moisture better than many other electric appliances we’ve tried.

Get yourself a Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Get yourself a charger/docking station for it

Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

At home you have a knife block … because home doesn’t rock and pitch like crazy! On a boat, having a place to secure cutlery is important for food prep, safety and convenience. Our knife bar is 22 inches, but they come in several lengths to fit your galley. The magnet if very strong, so it’s virtually impossible for a knife to get off without you actually pulling it off. In fact, you can even use these things for tools and other metal objects. Bonus – it’s stainless steel, so it’s really rust resistant and stays looking nice!

Get yourself a Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Barvino Drink Coasters

Sometimes it’s just as important to make sure your drinks don’t slide everywhere when your boat heels or bobs all over the place. Whether keeping hot stuff in the mug or cold stuff off the deck, these things are AWESOME! We use ’em for everything from insulated mugs to wine glasses. They grab the counter or table surface without any adhesive or sticky stuff and don’t slide at all! Definitely a must for any galley, salon or cockpit drinking!

Get yourself some Barvivo Drink Coasters

Dish Soap Pump Dispenser / Sponge Holder

Easy access to your dish washing tools all in one place. Your sponge sits in the top of the pump tray where you can pump it a couple of times to fill it with just enough soap to do the trick. It sits right by the sink, so no mess and no fuss.
We put a rubber strip, like the kind that holds rugs in place, under ours and it sits tight in all conditions.

Get yourself a Dish Soap Pump Dispenser

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Coffee is an absolute must on a boat, sometimes with a splash of Mount Gay Rum, but that’ll be for another post. Sometimes it’s especially useful to make a single cup for yourself when topside by yourself on the mid-watch. We’ve tried percolators, pots and french presses, but hadn’t found a good coffee solution till we found the K-Mini. This baby has a little footprint, but a big quality of life impact for us! It takes standard K-cups too!

Get yourself a Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

FoodSaver Vacuum Storage System

Foods keep WAY longer in the bags and containers vacuum sealed with this gadget, and they also take up less of the precious space in your refrigerator/freezer. Sealing out the humidity from bags of chips, cookies, etc. also helps them stay crispy and fresh in a very damp environment. In fact, we use it for more than food – batteries, camera gear, electronics, power cords, etc. This is a must-have for your boat! If you already have one, check out the containers.

Get yourself a FoodSaver

Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker

This has been a provisioning game-changer for us. Barbara has used it to make loaf bread, rolls, tortillas, brioche and pizza dough. We don’t ever pick these items up at the grocery anymore, shaving quite a bit off the provisioning budget, yet we always have them fresh and boat made! This is one investment that definitely pays for itself while upping your boat dining!

Lighted Makeup/Vanity Mirror

Barbara is really the expert on this one. She tells me the best things about this are its small footprint, light weight and USB power cord – which is especially nice on a boat, since it can be plugged into the 12 v DC system! The LED light is nice and bright, and cycles between warm, cool and daylight as you prefer.

Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

This gizmo holds a roll of paper towels and hands one out to you when you wave your hand over the sensor! No matter what’s all over your hands, you can get to a paper town without gunking up the rest of the roll or any cabinet knobs.
It sits on our counter vertically, minimizing its footprint on your counter and eliminating the need to drill more holes into your boat to hang a rod horizontally (there’s not much room in most galleys to do this anyway).


safety, seamanship and navigation

Garmin InReach Mini

After our intense shakedown cruise to the Dry Tortugas (a story I’ll blog about some day), we became keenly aware of our limited ability to communicate. The Garmin InReach Mini is compact, but gives us the capability to send and receive basic messages and get weather anywhere in the world. One of the coolest things, though, is how it tracks us every 10 minutes and allows others to follow us through a link on this blog and our Facebook page!
This little jewel is also an important part of our emergency preparedness, augmenting our boat and personal emergency beacons (EPIRB and PLBs respectively) in case the chips are down.

Get yourself a Garmin InReach Mini

Get yourself the “Marine Bundle” (comes with a screw in mount like ours)

On The Hook

fun in the surf, sun and sand

Mirage Eclipse from Hobie

Whether for fun or getting to shore and back, our two Mirage Eclipses have been everything we thought they’d be! Although they look like SUPs, they’re actually “peddleboards” that transform stair-stepper motion into forward motion through the water. Steering is done with the levers on the handlebars!
We have a 12 foot board for TD and a 10.5 foot board for Barbara. If we’re going to be staying anywhere for more than an overnighter, we break them out and tie them to the transom next to the dinghy.
One nice benefit of the Eclipses is the exercise we get on them. Buns of steel!
The boards themselves aren’t on Amazon, so you’ll need to locate a Hobie dealer to get yourself one. If you get these boards, consider also ordering the storage bags/covers below.
Personally, I think clipping generic drink holders onto the handles is a mandatory upgrade!

Get yourself a storage bag for the 10.5 ft Hobie Eclipse

Get yourself a storage bag for the 12 ft Hobie Eclipse

Cards Against Humanity

OK, you’ve probably played this game. If you haven’t, let me warn you – it’s not for the squeamish or prudish; but it is a great way to get to know your neighbors in the anchorage (maybe more than you are comfortable with), especially when mixed with generous amounts of alcohol!
There are several expansion sets, but you’ll definitely want to start with the original box. If you like it, you can add to your collections, and if you hate it you can cut your losses and pick up Bananagrams or something.

Get yourself Cards Against Humanity